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The Dreamer Lee Ziv

Personal dream session

The Dreamer Lee Ziv

In a safe and intimate space, I provide room for your dreams and whatever you wish to expose, heal, and illuminate.

Sometimes, all that is needed is focus and attention. Throughout our meeting, we will talk, practice, and you will receive tools for deepening.

You can schedule a one-time session or a series of meetings based on your needs.

In which cases do I provide individual guidance?

  • Personal focus on specific dreams:

  • Recurring dreams

  • Nightmares

  • Sleep disorders

  • Out-of-body experiences

  • Trauma work (specializing in combat trauma)

  • Guidance through lucid dreaming for integration and deep work with shadow figures.
    (I only provide support for trauma work if there is parallel professional guidance with a trauma-qualified therapist.)

  • Developmental journeys at different life stages:

  • Pregnancy

  • Career changes

  • Relationship changes

  • Coping with acute or chronic illness

  • Improvement of lucid dreaming techniques:

  • Deepening lucid dreaming skills

  • Coping with the fear of death

  • Memory recall techniques

The Dreamer Lee Ziv

"Dreaming is not a method ; it's a way of life."

To book a session, please contact me at

+972507245050 WhatsApp / Telegram message

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