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The Dreamer Lee Ziv

Dreaming plants workshop

Dreaming plants workshop,

including the preparation of a personal dream pillow.

The Dreamer Lee Ziv

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The workshop is happening in my house in Portugal (Alentejo), 15/5/24 Friday between10:00-14:30

For many years, I’ve been exploring the wonder known as "dreaming plants."

Even before I started facilitating dream circles and teaching, I sewed dream pillows for myself and conducted experiments mostly on myself and a few brave friends... (; After studying herbal medicine as part of my naturopathy studies at the Reidman College, I delved deeper into it and became enchanted by its magic.

I also had the opportunity to meet Master plants and walk in the miraculous world of Gaia. 


Over the years, after numerous workshops in which people learned about the plants and created their personalized dream pillows, I understood how perfect this connection is. The growing plants from the earth affect both spirit and consciousness, creating a true connection between the celestial and earthly realms.


How do the plants affect you?

In every culture, a relationship has been formed with local herbs that support dream memory, open gateways to other realms, provide assistance in times of crisis, offer protection, enhance dream recall, and more. Some come from Australia or China, others from India or Mexico, Europe, or North America. In the Mediterranean, there are also many dream herbs that can be gathered during the appropriate seasons, from the desert to the mountains.

This workshop is pure magic. The knowledge that the plants impart to us, each plant opening a window to the dream space, allows us to dive into discussions about healing, dream recall, nightmares, the pineal gland, and the different kingdoms of life: both animal and vegetative. Gateways open, dreams unfold, and we enter the depths of creation with fabrics, lace, beads, and threads, creating a personalized dream pillow that will accompany you on your journey.

What will we encounter in the workshop?

  • Meeting, smelling, and tasting a variety of dream plants from around the world. Botanical, medicinal, and cultural knowledge about each herb, including their uses and preparation methods.

  • Knowledge from the dream space related to the encountered plants, including dream cultures, lucid dreaming,
    dream allies, the pineal gland, and more.

  • Preparation of a dream pillow – materials and dreaming herbs are included in the workshop.

  • The workshop is in person and lasts 4-5 hours

  • Each workshop is slightly different, depending on the available dreaming herbs and the human circle that gathers. 

  • This is not a certification workshop.

To book the workshop, please contact me at

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