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The Dreamer Lee Ziv
The Dreamer Lee Ziv

I’m pleased to meet you!

The Dreamer Lee Ziv

I’m a woman, a human being, a dreamer, and a creator. My feet are deep in the earth, and my wings soar in the sky.

I was born in central Israel, and today I live in Portugal, on beautiful land surrounded by forests, animals, stars, and a wide horizon. It's a quiet space where I can dream and just be.

As a child, I loved gazing at the stars, learning their names, and collecting falling stars for the wishes of my heart. My dad enjoyed taking me on evening trips to the sandy fields near our home, searching for animal tracks, and sometimes to the forests of Jerusalem to pick mushrooms after the rain.

My mom taught me the wisdom of words and the richness of our world, from history to the future.

Books were a great love for me.

I experienced a lot of freedom in my childhood—freedom to explore, imagine, and be whatever I wanted.

I wanted to learn music, astronomy, geography, and to travel the world. To this day, my passion unfolds in various directions.


I love to love, and I find myself starting new chapters with each new love that enters my life, leading me to peace building, communication, journalism, community life, productions, and projects of dialogue and music. I wanted to taste it all!

One of my greatest passions is dreaming. My first memory in this lifetime is a dream from the age of 3, which I was playing with the sun and the moon in a tall tower, reaching the sky above the clouds. This dream has accompanied me throughout my life.

From childhood, I walked the path of dreaming, sometimes feeling "there" more at home than "here." I've gone through rituals, deep journeys in the world, losses, discoveries, and life lessons. I’m grateful for the life that led me to who I am today—a dreamer and a creator.

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