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The Dreamer Lee Ziv
The Dreamer Lee Ziv

"When the warrior existing

within each and every one of us,

Finds compassion within,

And forgives, then the dreamer will be revealed.

The dreamer, in his hands and in his heart,

Dreams anew

of this land."

The Dreamer Lee Ziv

For many years of my life, I chose to be socially and environmentally active.

My journey has taken me through various and diverse fields that have shaped me into who I am today.

Here are some parts of my life path:


  • Member of the Israeli olympic shooting team.

  • Working at Channel 10 news at the beginning of its journey,
    presenting TV programs on Channel 10 and on Channel “Teva Hadvarim.”

  • Writing for various magazines like Xnet (part of Ynet), “Maut Hachaim,” and more.

  • Producing reconciliation and mediation events in the "On the Way to Sulha" project.

  • Studying and facilitating the “Way of Council” (for nearly 20 years).

  • Studying Naturopathy, herbal medicine, and reflexology at Reidman College.

  • Guiding tours with Mejdi, an American company that brings travelers together with
    different narratives in Israel and Palestine.

  • Initiating and managing the “Musaique” project – a dialogue through music that brought together
    musicians from Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Israel.

  • Collaborating with the Tamera community in Portugal, managing social media, and conducting joint
    research in various  schools of the community, including living in it.

  • Spreading "Good News" on social media for 3 years.

  • Facilitating personal development spaces at various festivals in Israel and around the world.

  • Leading in-depth courses for men, women, dreams, and children's camps.

  • Dream journeys in Israel and around the world.

  • Live talks with inspirational people in various fields, television and radio interviews, and more.


From all these experiences, my dream path was born and woven.


The dream field is inseparable from the reality of our lives; it reveals challenges, offers solutions and healing, connects us, and reminds us of our role in the world, both personally and globally. The dream of the night is connected to the dream of the day. Our sense of fulfillment and health are directly related to both our individual situation and our collective society.


Below you’ll find recorded lectures, live talks with different people, excerpts from TV, and my articles on topics related to both night and day dreams. 

Most of it is in Hebrew, but you can find some in English.
I named the page "Dreaming a New Culture" because that's my aspiration: that together,

we will dream and create a new culture.

The Dreamer Lee Ziv
The Dreamer Lee Ziv
The Dreamer Lee Ziv


The Dreamer Lee Ziv

Lectures and interviews

The Dreamer Lee Ziv
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