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The Dreamer Lee Ziv

Dreaming journeys

Dream around the world

The Dreamer Lee Ziv

Dreaming journeys in nature always include shared dream nights.

I have led dozens of such journeys in Israel, Portugal, and on the island of Malta.

Most often, I choose to conduct these journeys in places I call "Dreaming Lands."
It could be an ancient site, an enchanted forest, or sometimes a spacious house.

Some places where I have spent dream nights include the “Yaar Odem”in the Golan Heights, Mount Tabor, Rugum el Khiri, the Dead Sea, "The House in the Desert" in Shaharut, and the island of Malta, where dream journeys spanned several days and nights. These journeys included visits to ancient temples and wonderful natural spaces, staying in farmhouses on the island. 

Each journey creates a safe and supportive space within the circle, and allows us to enter the realms of dreaming in every sense, with personal and group practice. We integrate the four elements—fire, water, earth, and air—collaborate with nature and the starry sky, and spend time in dream-sharing circles, creative activities, and encounters with dreaming plants. Each night we prepare ourselves for dreaming and each morning we share our dreams, alert for signs for our onward path.

Upcoming journeys are planned for Portugal and the Azores!
Dates and details coming soon.

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