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The Dreamer Lee Ziv

Dream Consciousness

The Dreamer Lee Ziv

Flying School - Many years ago, I established in my dream world – a flying  School.

In the school, I both teach and learn.

Dreams and dreamers appear to me, aspiring to learn to fly.

They show me their progress, ask questions, and from time to time, I embark on enhancement courses.

I soar with falcons and night owls, teaching me about speed, ascent, landing, and inner balance.

I find myself with other fliers in the form of humans who taught me about gravity, freedom of ungravity,

and the equilibrium between them.


The world of dreams offers us liberation beyond any perception.

Expanding the boundaries of consciousness, self-awareness, encountering the inner shadow, and meeting other spaces beyond us.


"The one motive I know is the desire to seek liberty. The freedom to soar and fly to the infinite there. The freedom to disappear, to be like the flame of a candle, which even though it stands before the light of a billion stars, its light is not diminished, for it has never pretended to be more than it is: a flame, and nothing else." 

Says Don Juan to Carlos Castaneda in response to the question of why it is worth delving into the realms of dreaming.

(From the book "The Art of Dreaming")

In this space, you will find various activities that I offer, such as workshops on dream plants, dream journeys around the world, personal dream sessions, and more.

You are invited to enter the depths of consciousness...

The Dreamer Lee Ziv
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