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The Dream Flower

Sexuality, creative life force and dreams

For former participants | Online course

When does it start?

May 16 Thursday

19:00 - 22:00 (ISR time)

17:00 - 20:00 (Portugal time)

*for 5 weeks


The course will be taught alongside Benjamin Bogosian, with whom I have been teaching various courses in recent years. Benjamin is an experienced and enthusiastic lucid dreamer, inspired by Indo-Tibetan wisdom. He currently teaches children and youth at the Tamera community school in Portugal.

What will we encounter in this course?

  • The course is dynamic and experiential, requiring full presence. We will move between learning, practice, and sharing.

  • What is sexuality in our dreams? Perceptions surrounding the world of sexuality in the reflection of the dream.

  • Messages and gifts received in the reflection of a sexual dream.

  • Sexual dreaming with family members, animals, and other characters.

  • Safe container for exploring guilt, shame, and "taboo" topics under the umbrella of dreaming.

  • Androgyny and gender changes in dreams.

  • What does it mean to honour our sexuality?

  • What may sexual dreams show us to integrate in our lives?

  • Violence and sexual trauma in the reflection of the dream.

  • Playfulness, pleasure, and humour. 

  • Creation, art and nature.

  • Fulfilment and manifestation of the life force.

  • Dream and love temples in ancient cultures - Malta, Egypt, India, Mexico, and more.

  • Healing women, witches and the dreaming womb. Caves of holiness and the sacred masculine.

  • Healing plants carrying the frequency of sexuality and the dream.

  • "Dream Forum" - an experiential circle that allows sharing dreams and receiving "mirrors" and perspectives from the circle, leading to a deep encounter with the human soul.

  • This course is open only to those who have completed at least one course with Benjamin and/or Lee.

  • Each course looks slightly different, depending on the human circle that gathers, so there is flexibility and adaptation to the circle.

  • The online course is intimate and accommodates up to only 15 participants.


Course fee:
Sliding scale
Registration fee €50

Note: This is not a certification or therapy course, and registration is subject to filling out an introduction

questionnaire and compatibility assessment.


Later in the year, advanced courses on the following topics

will open, and additional dates will be announced:

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by Lee Ziv and Benjamin Bogosian. Registration is open!

Passages: Death and birth in dreams ~

An advanced course for experienced participants taught by Lee Ziv and Benjamin Bogosian. Registration opens in spring 2024.

Following the dream of the whale  

Foundational online course - adapted for everyone.

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